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Calcium Feed Supplement Liquid

Calcium Feed Supplement Liquid

Our Calcium Feed Supplement Liquid is a multiple feed dose under one name. It is made in compliance with the international standards and norms and therefore the most reliable option available in market. It has accurate composition and is clinically approved. We provide it in secure packaging and ensure timely delivery.


Why Sanzole Forte ? :

  • Multiple Feed Dose Under one Name


Calcium :

  • Essential for various body functions.

  • Bone formation milk synthesis.

  • Skeletal growth muscular Contraction.

  • Neuro muscular Excitability.

  • Egg shell Formation in Poultry.


Phosphorus :

  • Essential for body Muscular and bone Calcification.

  • Promotes the growth.

  • Deficiency : Leads to reduce Fertility. Delays Purberty. Causes egg Shell Abnormalities.


Vitamin D3 :

  • Maintain Calcium level in the blood helps in calcium absorption.

  • Causes calcification of bones, Teeth & egg shell formation.


Vitamin B 12 :

  • Essential for metabolism growth and erythropoiesis in all animals.

  • Sanzole Forte Liquid
  • Laeptadaena Reticulata


Indicated in habitual & irregular letting down of milk. High milking results are observed after using leptadaenia reticulata.


Cobalt Chloride :

  • Cobalt Deficiency brought inability of Rhuminal micro organisms to synthesize vitamin B12 deficiency.

  • Cobalt Co-acts as Catalyst in assimilation of iron into hemoglobin.


Vitamin A :

Essential of rhte integrity of Epithelium Deficiency Causes Anorexia, Weigh loss vitamin A is required in the synthesis of Sulphate Mucopolysaccharides which is an important coristituent of Cartilages & Bones.


Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is useful in maintenance of immure cycle. Deficiency causes reproductive failure & muscular dystrophy.


Packing : 1ltr., 2 ltr., & 5 ltr. or as per requirement

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