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Ceftriaxime Sodium 2 Gm Injection

Ceftriaxime Sodium 2 Gm Injection

Ceftriaxime Sodium 2 Gm Injection is a researched formula of ours that addresses the demands of the doctors as well. The injection is meant for treating gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial infections. Such consideration brackets us with the top-notch Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Taxsan-2 Injection from Uttar Pradesh, India. The formulation is ensured to be in conformity to the set norms.


Taxsan - 2 :

  • Sterile Cefotaxine Sodium U.S.P. Eq. to Anhydrous Cefotaxime 2.0 gm.
  • Is a bactericidal cepholosporin & has a wide spectrum activity against Gram + ve & Gram - Ve bacteria. Its antibacterial activity against gram-ve bacteria is many times stronger than that of traditional cephalosporin.


Indications :

  • It is very useful in respiratory tact infection, Urinary tract infection, skin & soft tissue infection.

  • It is very useful in bone & joint infection, genital organ infection.

  • It is also useful in Sepsis, Endocarditis, Meningitis Prophylaxis, Osteromylitis Haecmophiles Epigloarttitis Surgical Immuno-Compromised Patient.

  • It is very useful in treatment of Mastitis.

  • It is drug of choice in pre & post surgery cases.


Properties of Taxsan - 2

  • Combllion od cefotaxime the aminoglycoside antibiotics reveals as synergestic or additive effect in-vitro serum protein binding is 32-50% Elimination period is about 12 hrs. Absorption period of Taxsan is 30 minute Taxan-2 is widely distributed in body tissue & fluids.
  • "Cefotaxime may be the drug of first choice in the treatment of baterial meningitis outside & possibily in the neonatal Period."


Dosage : Dosage, Mode & frequency of administration depend upon the severity of the infection.

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