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Fendazole + Ivermectin Bolus

Fendazole + Ivermectin Bolus

Used in the treatment of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms and tapeworms, Fendazole Bolus is available in different compositions. Hygienically processed using latest technology, Fendazole + Ivermectin Bolus is safe to use with no remarkable side effects. We have earned a good reputation as a trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of high grade Fendazole Bolus at competitive prices. Timely delivery of all orders is our priority


Fenbendazole Bolus :

  • Contains Fenbendazole Which is highly effective against all gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms and also against tapeworms.

  • Kills Vitrually all the immature stages as well as adult worm.

  • Particularly valuable in the treatment of double or triple infection.

  • High margin of safety and can be used in lactating or weak animals.

  • Act by interfering with the energy metabolism of worms.

  • In Non-toxic, non-treattogenic, Non-staining and has no contraindications.

  • It is highly safe & has no remarkable side effects.


Dosage :

  • Fendazole 5mg. Fenbendazole / kg. Body wt.

  • Fendazole 150 mg. Tab for 30 kg. Body wt. animal.

  • Fendazole 1.5 gm. Bolus For 300 kg. Body wt. animals.


Fendazole Bolus is available in

  • Fenbendazole 150 mg.

  • Fenbendazole 1.5 gm.

  • Fenbendazole 3 gm.

  • Fenbendazole 4 gm.


 Fendazole :

  • 120 gm. Powder added to 2000 mll. (2 Lit.) Water and stirred gently until the suspension is obtained.

  • 1ml. suspension contains 60 mg. fenbendazole. Calculate dose as 1ml. animal use accordingly.

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