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  • Fendazole Plus Bolus

    Fendazole Plus Bolus

    Each Uncoated Bolus Contains Fenbendazole IP : 3 mg

    Each Uncoated Bolus Contains Ivermectin IP : 100 mg

  • Fluksaz Bolus

    Fluksaz Bolus

    Each ml contains Oxyclozanide IP : 3 gm

    Each ml contains Albendazole IP : 3 gm

    Packaging Size : Single Pack of 6gm.

    Storage : Keep in Cool & Dry Place

  • Flunil-S Syrup

    Flunil-S Syrup

    Composition : Oxyclozanide+Levamisole HCL+Silymarin

    Packaging Size : 100ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr.

    Dosage : 1ml./-4 Kg Body Weight Sheep, 5ml./-20 Kg Body Weight Cattle

    Form : Liquid

    Storage : Keep in Cool & Dry Place

  • Sanvect Bolus

    Sanvect Bolus

    Benefits : Sanvect Bolus Perfectly Works Against all Types of Ectoparasites

    Each Bolus Contains Ivermectin IP : 100mg

    Packaging Size : 1x4 Bolus & 1X1

    Storage : Keep in Cool & Dry Place

  • Sanvect Injection

    Sanvect Injection

    Each ml contains IP : 100mg

    Benzyl Alcohol IP : 1.5% w/v

    Propylene Glycol IP : Q.s

    Benefits : Senvect for Treatment and Control of Internal & External Parasites

    Dose : 1ml./50mg per Body Weight

  • Sanvect-LA Injection

    Sanvect-LA Injection

    Packaging Size : 10ml & 100ml

    Strength : 1 ml for 50 kg body weight

    Application : Clinical

    Packaging Type : Bottle

    Brand : Sanvect Power

  • Saz Bolus (Albendazole Bolus )

    Saz Bolus (Albendazole Bolus )

    Known for using latest technology, our manufacturing team precisely composes Saz Bolus in conformity of all defined medical standards. Used against Gastro intestinal worms, Lung worms and Tape worms, Saz Bolus is available in

  • Saz Plus Suspension

    Saz Plus Suspension

    Each ml Contains Albendazole IP : 25mg

    Each ml Contains Ivermectin IP : 0.8mg

    Packaging Size : 30ml

    Storage : Keep in Cool & Dry Place

  • Saz Suspenstion

    Saz Suspenstion

    Packaging Size : Available in 30ml/ 60ml/ 90ml/1000ml pack sizes.

    Each ml Contains Albendazole : 25mg

    Form : Liquid

    Storage : Keep in Cool & Dry Place